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Join A Syndicate to Play LOTTO

Virtual world direct offers many types of syndicate games with their E-lottery multiple win syndicates. Firstly though, here is a short description of what a E-lottery syndicate is. Basically players are included in a syndicate that all have the same five common numbers, plus one unique number. In every E-lottery syndicate the final number is the remaining number that is not already taken. This greatly increases the chances of winning by as much as 3600 percent in a Euro millions syndicate. More information is available on their website.

So here are the E-lottery products with a little information about them.


When playing the UK Lotto with the E-lottery, you will be automatically placed into a syndicate of 49 members for both draws (Wednesday and Saturday) each week.

Each syndicate has 44 entries/lines into each UK Lotto draw, with each line sharing 5 common numbers plus one unique number between 1 and 49 (these unique numbers are the 44 remaining numbers after your syndicate has been given 5 common numbers). This increases you chance of winning a prize by up to 733 percent. Where else can you get 88 lines for five pounds per week?

Euro millions.

When playing Euro Millions with E-lottery, players will be automatically placed into a syndicate of 39 members.

Each syndicate has 36 entries/lines into each Euro Millions draw, with each line sharing 5 common numbers plus a unique combination of two Lucky Star numbers. This ensures that EVERY POSSIBLE COMBINATION of the two Lucky Stars is covered in each syndicate. Why set up the syndicates in that way? That's easy: Guaranteeing the syndicate will match BOTH Lucky Stars in every draw improves the syndicates odds of winning a Euro Millions jackpot by 3,600%.


Each E-lottery syndicate is guaranteed to win at least one cash prize. The E-lottery has a strategy that spreads the numbers allocated to your syndicate, so that when the last digit printed on your ticket matches the last digit of the jackpot winning number, your syndicate wins a cash prize. Each Spanish Super drawsyndicate has a 35 strong team who together share 10 decimos, each ending in 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9. So, no matter what the winning five digit number is, the syndicate will match at least the last digit, and therefore win a cash prize.

Each decimo can win up to 7 times, and there are thousands of different cash prizes to be won. Players can be a member of a Spanish Super draw syndicate for just £20 per syndicate entry, and they can join as many syndicates as they wish for as long as they are available.

Gambling Comps 101 or The Ask Game

Gambling Comps 101 or The Ask Game I don't know who did it or when it happened, but someone shortened the word complimentary to comp and made it an industry standard. In casino language, comps are cash or gifts (freebies) that the casinos give to their customers as a reward for gambling with them.

How To Extend Your Stay & Play At A Casino

How To Extend Your Stay & Play At A Casino If you decided to build a new home, would you start construction without first developing a plan or blueprint? Or would you begin a new business without having a business plan? Would you go to war without knowing your enemy and having a predetermined plan for victory? Well why do you go to the casino without a plan for winning? Winning is what it is all about. I have never lost money at a casino and felt good about it and if you are honest, neither have you.

Roulette System: Confession of the Roulette Dealer on Dealers Signature

Roulette System: Confession of the Roulette Dealer on Dealer's signatureThis article is going to show you how you can use the dealer's signature to beat roulette.Not many people know this, but it's absolutely critical.

The Truth Behind The Limits: What Minimum and Maximum Bets Are About

Have you ever thought about the reason behind the existence of minimum and maximum bets? The truth is simple: casinos want your money. As simple as that.

World Series of Poker Mania

The popularity of the World Series of Poker gained tremendousmomentum from The Travel Channel's World Poker Tour showings. Although the event had been showing for a number of years on ESPN, when new technologies such as the table camera were used,television watchers began getting involved in the hands as they were being played.

Why All the Excitement Over Poker?

Poker's new upsurge in popularity in is due to televised showings of championship poker tournaments, such as The World Poker Tour and The World Series of Poker. This has resulted in millions of people all over the world playing either online or at land based casinos.

Online Poker Gambling Sees Tremendous Growth

Online poker gambling at casinos and poker rooms is one of the fastest growing forms of wagering on the Internet. Fueled by the televised tournaments seen on Travel Channel's World Poker Tour, ESPN with the 2004 World Series of Poker (WSOP), and Bravo's Celebrity Poker, the popularity of the game is seen everywhere.

World Poker Tour -- The Beginning of a Phenomenon

World Poker Tour high stakes poker tournaments started a revolution in the way the game is viewed, enjoyed, followed and played. Even though the World Series of Poker had been televised for years before the World Poker Tour (WPT), the game of poker was elevated when "WPT cams" were placed around the table so that the world could experience seeing what hand the players were playing and become emotionally involved in the decisions that were being made.

Poker Online Freeroll Tournaments

Poker online freeroll tournaments are a huge way to leverage a player's way into major tournaments and to win big money at no cost to the player. Casinos and poker rooms offer them to reward active players and to recruit new ones.

Online Poker Tournaments -- Time to get aboard

Online poker tournaments are skyrocketing in popularity due to reasons ranging from low buyins into major tournaments for a fraction of their usual cost to those who do not live within driving distance of a land based poker room. (And of course another factor is the money that can be won.

How to Win Texas Holdem

Texas Hold'em..

Soccer Livebetting

Live betting is one of the main sources of income for the bookmaker why?Well before the match starts there is always large publicity about the coming fixtures for Live matches.They are often 2 strong team facing each other and they are most likely to be telecast throughout the world.

Las Vegas Whales

What Las Vegas jargon names "whales" is in fact the creme of the high rollers species. They are a handful of people that in some opinions don't exceed 500 individuals in the world.

Understanding The Logistics of Poker Tournaments

Tournaments are poker competitions where all of the players play at the same time and continue to play until only one player is left. Tournaments are fun to play in, have a low entry fees and offer a large prize pool to be won.

Roulette System: Discover Why You always Fail At Roulette Game

Online Roulette System: Discover Why You always Fail At Roulette game even you have the best roulette system!!!In this article, let's take a look why you always fail at roulette game even you have the best roulette system!!!I want to tell you a story about a touchstone.I think it is relevant to this article topic.

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